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Portable power station provides sufficient of power for outdoor camping and RV travel

Power Anywhere, Anytime

AC 2000W output supports 90% electrical equipment, rice cooker, electric coffee maker, induction cooker, refrigerator, washing machine, projector, laptop, power tool, drone, it can be easily charged, XP-2001 portable power station can be connected in parallel Expanded to a super capacity of 4000W, it uses A123 LiFePo4 batteries with Excellent high rate discharge capability, and provides continuous power for all devices through sine wave output of high-power currents in any environment.

Your Back Power For Power outages

During thunderstorms and snow, the power supply will be cut off due to bad weather,The portable power station can switch to UPS mode within 10ms to continuously supply power to electrical matter where it’s; bank, data center, hospital XP-2001 is always ready to provide sufficient power,during the day, the solar panel can be used together with AC charger to charging portable power station, backup power is everywhere.

Green energy solr generator

Portable power station can replace oil-fired generators to provide power for your devices anytime, anywhere. Portable generators provide green and environmentally friendly electricity through solar energy storage.Traditional fuel generators are noisy and emit a lot of carbon dioxide, causing damage to the environment. The portable power station is light in weight and easy to transport, it can quickly provide green power whether it‘s outdoor work or emergency maintenance.

Cell Type:  A123 LiFePo4 WX14I3231-31Ah 10S2P 

Capacity: 1984Wh

UPS function:10mS switchover time

Dual APP connect mode:WIFI & BLUETOOTH


Gross weight:26.9KG


Adapter charge current :1000W 

Super fast charge 2 hours full

Solar panel charge:12V-72V 800W (XT60 Plug)

Car charge:12V-24V 8.5A


AC Outpot Power:2000W (Extended 4000W)

Pure Sine Wave:

220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz EU

100V-120V50Hz/60Hz US

4xUSB-A: 18W max;

2xUSB-C: PD100W max;

2xDC5521-1 & 2 :12V 120W;  

2x DC5525: 24V 200W;

1x Car outlet 12V 120W max; 

1x Car outlet: 24V 200W max

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Cell Type: A123 LiFePO4 WX14I3231-31Ah 5S2P 

Capacity: 992Wh


Gross weight:14.8KG

Certification:CE IEC62133 UN38.3 MSDS/ Cells UL


DC Charge:18V-24V 220W max(DC5525)

Solar panel charge:12V-24V 200W (DC5521)

Car charge:12V⎓8A max


AC Outpot Power:1000W (1500W Peak)

Pure Sine Wave:

220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz EU

100V-120V50Hz/60Hz US

USB-A 1 or USB-A 2:22.5W max

USB-C 1 : PD100W (5~20V)

USB-C  2 :PD 22.5W

DC5525-2:12V⎓10A max

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Cell Type: Samsung NCM 21700 48G 4S7P

Capacity: 483.8Wh


Gross weight:7.3KG

Certification:CE IEC62133 UN38.3 MSDS/ Cells UL 


DC Charge:18V-24V 220W max

USB-C 1: PD60W 

Solar panel charge:12V-24V 150W 

Car charge:12V⎓7A max 


AC Outpot Power:500W 

Pure Sine Wave:

220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz EU

100V-120V50Hz/60Hz US

USB-A 1 or USB-A 2 22.5W max


 USB-C 2: 22.5W

DC5521-2:12V⎓10A max

Car Outlet:12V⎓10A max

Porduct Spacification Download