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X-Power 2023 Lithium Battery Fire Safety Conference

Time:2023-05-31 Views:1

To popularize the safety operation specifications of lithium batteries, enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, eliminate safety accidents, protect personal safety, and jointly maintain the safety of production in the factory, our company organized a learning session on lithium battery fire safety knowledge for the employees of the power battery and energy storage battery production lines, as well as the office staff on May 29, 2023. A total of 110 employees attended the meeting, and the meeting was chaired and delivered by Mr. Xingju, the head of the production department and the main speaker. Ms. Xiong and Mr. Xiao delivered speeches and made motivating remarks.

The first part of the meeting involved all members reciting the enterprise's safety production declaration. In the second part, Manager Kang mainly introduced the training topic by presenting shocking safety accidents involving lithium batteries in the field of electric vehicles. He carefully analyzed the characteristics of lithium batteries and the common safety production practices that may exist during the production process, and combined with practical examples to instruct employees on the correct lithium battery production specifications and the proper handling and response protocols for minor lithium battery accidents.

The third part of the meeting mainly focused on analyzing potential safety accidents that may occur during the spot welding and aging charge-discharge testing stages of lithium batteries, highlighting the serious risks that could arise from such accidents and discussing methods to prevent minor accidents.

In the fourth part, on-site teaching was conducted on the proper use and precautions of dry powder fire extinguishers, as well as the placement of firefighting equipment in various locations within the workshop and the emergency handling procedures in case of incidents. Through vivid speeches and teachings, all employees gained a deep understanding of lithium battery safety and became more proficient in the use of firefighting equipment.

At the end of meeting, Mr. Xiao and Ms. Xiong respectively presented more detailed requirements to the E-commerce department, Foreign Trade department, Procurement department, and Warehousing department. They emphasized that safety is of utmost importance and that only through the participation of all employees can we eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents.